Welcome to OvenKing Global, the Oven Cleaning Specialists. When it comes to domestic oven cleaning, we are the Kings! We offer professional oven cleaning services and show the same level of care and attention to detail throughout. This has given us a fantastic reputation in the industry, with countless satisfied customers and gleaming testimonials as bright as the ovens we clean!

Professional Cleaning services. Specialist cleaners for your Oven, Stove, BBQ, Grill, Cook Top, Stove, Range Hood, Microwave or Commercial Oven.

Before we proceed, let’s get something clear right from the start:

We are NOT your usual domestic cleaners!

OvenKing are not your usual domestic cleaners who come over and clean your house and wipe your oven down. We are professional oven cleaning specialists with unique cleaning products and specialised equipment. We do not just wipe your oven down and rub it with a sponge. We dismantle your oven and take all of the oven racks, trays, fan plates and bulb covers to our specially built vans, where we dip the parts in our Dip Tanks. Our Dip Tanks are designed to use high temperature in combination with specialised degreasing chemicals to remove grease and food residue without scratching your oven’s panels, door or glass. As a big part of the process takes place outside the clients’ property, we are limiting the disruption to your everyday routine and minimise the changes of staining the area around your oven. This unique method of oven cleaning allows us to restore your oven to a near showroom condition with a single visit!

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