Professional BBQ and Grill Cleaning Service

We all love to grill but, at the end of the day, no one really enjoys cleaning it. A professional BBQ and Grill Cleaning Service will ensure you can keep using the BBQ and Grill often and keep your it working at their optimum for a long long time.

Why do you need a professional BBQ and Grill Cleaning service?

A professional BBQ & Grill cleaning will get areas cleaned that you will not be able to get to yourselves. If the items haven’t been used in a while, mice may have passed through, or even made it a home for a while, leaving behind them urine and droppings, which is a definite and very serious health hazard.

Our BBQ and Grill cleaning service has to do with the proper removal of grease build up, thus reducing the risk of a grease fire. A fire can occur when the fat from the food previously cooked builds up in the drip tray below the burners. Also, removing the burnt on food from the BBQ & Grill not only means that the food cooked will taste better but it will also make cooking on the grill healthier, eliminating the potential of harmful carcinogenic residues from burnt-on food.

Like any other item that gets left outside for extended periods of time, your BBQ & Grills are susceptible to rust and oil build up. A proper BBQ and Grill cleaning will prolong the life of your device for years to come. BBQs & Grills range in price and size and the more of an investment you make into the initial purchase of these items, the more you want to make sure that you get the maximum usage from them.  OvenKing offer a periodical  BBQ and Grill to ensure a standard of cleanliness that means you will never be embarrassed by the state of you grill!

We clean your BBQ and grillz, we got the will, we got the skillz!

What does your BBQ and Grill Cleaning service include?

Our technicians are professionally trained on checking over the BBQ or Grill to be cleaned. After they cover their work area with protective matting over the patio or grass, they will start disassembling the device. Parts that are removable will be removed and taken to our dip tank, situated in the technicians’ vehicle. The parts are then dipped in the hot degreasing bath to remove the stubborn grease and bring the shine back.

Whilst these parts are left in the dip tank, our technician will work on the non-removable aspects. Once finished, the removable parts are brought back and re-assembled, leaving your equipment nice and sparkling, ready for its next use!

I’m ready to book a BBQ and Grill Cleaning service

Great choice, we guarantee you’ll save lots of time and effort by letting us do the job you hate. We offer flexible appointments to suit you, including evenings and weekends. Our flexibility extends to appointments available over the holidays if required. And don’t forget to check out our other services and book them together so you can save time and money!

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