Coming to America!

As a dual English and American citizen the obvious next step in our CEOs career was a move to America.

With extensive business development expertise Daryl certainly knows how to create a sustainable and successful business. Having dedicated the past 10 years to building the leading oven cleaning specialists brand in the UK and Europe, the time has now come to bring these expertise across the pond.

The idea to take the oven cleaning business to the United States it’s not a new one, with Daryl and Louis attending the ISSA convention in Las Vegas in 2019. Taking full advantage of the convention, they were both able to get a clear vision of what and how OvenKing would work in the United States.

Unfortunately due to the global pandemic the plans had to be put on hold, as the world begins to return to a new normal the plans to move are now in full flow. The interest in the OvenKing brand that was received at the ISSA further encouraged Daryl and the rest of the family to make plans to move to America and start the American OvenKing branch.

The most obvious choice of area on paper to launch the OvenKing brand in the US for Daryl, would be Los Angeles .  The city of his father’s birth, and where his sisters and their family reside.  However, at this stage of the plans Florida has won out as the first state where you will see the OvenKing brand.

Florida being a popular destination for Americans and Europeans alike, its close proximity on the East Coast to the United Kingdom, makes it the ideal place to base OvenKing for trips back and forth from America to England.

Launching the OvenKing brand in America is exciting and the beginning of new adventures for Daryl and his family.

With the success of OvenKing in the UK and Europe, the business model has been proven to work time and time again; the move to America enables further expansion of the business.  The success of OvenKing has proved that once you have had an oven cleaning specialist clean your oven you will never again clean your own oven.  Establishing a good working relationship with clients enables for a repeat business with clients even pre-booking their oven cleans in for special events and holidays. Making sure that the food they prepare is cooked in a sparkling clean oven!

Heading up the American office with a base in Florida, Daryl will yet again prove that the oven cleaning specialists industry is a lucrative industry to be in. With the brand beginning its American journey in Florida and franchise opportunities being available for many available across the United States.

The passion that Daryl has for business shines through daily, and his infectious can do attitude to making a business work spreads throughout the company. He cannot wait to share this passion with others stateside with the added bonus of his children exploring their American Heritage.