Commercial Oven Cleaning by OvenKing Global

Professional Commercial Oven Cleaning

Our professional Commercial Oven Cleaning Service will ensure that your commercial ovens reach the level of hygiene and cleanliness required to pass health and safety checks. If your commercial oven does not meet these grades, your business will be effected and may even result in the disruption or even closure of your business.

Why should I choose your Commercial Oven Cleaning Service?

OvenKing technicians will make sure that your commercial oven is fully compliant with your local state laws and safety standards. We clean according to NFPA 96 – the general standard that provides preventative and operative fire safety requirements that are intended to reduce the potential fire hazard of commercial cooking operations. We always ensure that our commercial oven cleaning is undertaken in line with all state codes required. After a long experience with commercial ovens and kitchens in the UK (where health and safety standards are very strict), we are now offering our services to the US market.

What’s involved in your Commercial Oven Cleaning process?

A general kitchen clean will not remove built up grease and grime in the interiors of the oven, and in and around the parts that are inaccessible with a standard wipe down. OvenKing Global understands the importance of cleanliness in a commercial kitchen and also appreciates that this is a super busy environment, which means that sometimes a real, proper deep clean just won’t get done to the required standard. That is where OvenKing Global technicians can come in and complete the commercial oven clean at a time that suits the kitchen staff or business owner.

We fully degrease all residue and grime build up, which ensures your oven doesn’t become a breeding ground for bacteria. Bacteria can also build up around the heat control knobs, nuts and bolts, and the stainless steel feet of a commercial oven. Along with the interior grills and stove top grates, all these parts will be removed by our OvenKing technicians and placed into our unique blend of our GleamKing branded chemicals within the dip tank. This timed process works to remove the built up grease and grime effectively and efficiently. Whilst this process is under taken, the OvenKing technician will carry out the commercial oven cleaning process on the interior of the oven.

Apart from keeping up to code, your oven will be working at its best, and will be easier for your kitchen staff to clean until our next visit. By booking commercial oven cleaning with OvenKing you are freeing up the kitchen staff to concentrate on the job of providing great cooked food. Our experts will take this time consuming task to hand and will leave you with a professionally cleaned oven time and time again.

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