Cook Top and Stove Top Cleaning Service by OvenKing Global

Professional Cook Top and Stove Top Cleaning Service

The stove top is not something you’d normally think to include when you have your oven cleaned. As this is something that is on show all the time, the likelyhood of it being wiped down after every use is high. However, this does not guarantee a true clean on the stove top.

Grease and grime can build up, especially in those hard to clean areas such as under the burners and around the control knobs. If it doesn’t get cleaned properly, you are leaving you and your family open to harmful bacteria that can contaminate food and cause sickness.

Here at OvenKing we use specialist chemicals that we have developed, tested and fine-tuned in the UK to leave cooking surfaces clean and shiny. These cleaning chemicals have been developed to be fume free, safe to use and pet friendly. Using a cleaning process that does not damage the surface, we will clean your cook top or stove top and bring it back to its old glory, ready for you to cook safely on. By the way, this is usually a job we recommend you do along with your oven and stove cleaning service on the same day.

We clean the top, and everything you drop!

Can’t I clean the Cook Top myself or get it cleaned by my household cleaner?

Of course you can. But this will be a wipe down, not a proper deep clean. Our process is very different to what household cleaners offer and, beleive us, it makes a huge difference. Think of it as detailing, but for cook tops.

Is your Cook Top and Stove Top Cleaning Service applicable for gas, electric or induction stove tops?

The Gas Stove Top Cleaning process differs from that of an electric or Induction stove top.

A gas stove top has removable parts where dirt and grime can build up. Therefore the process for cleaning the stove top includes removing parts such as the burner plates, the burners themselves and the stove top grates. These are taken to our dip tank, situated in the technicians’ vehicle. The parts are then dipped in the hot degreasing bath to remove the stubborn grease and the toughest of burnt-on food particles.

An electric or induction hob has a different cleaning process to the gas stove top. Just because it is a flat surface does not mean that dirt, grease and grime don’t gather to encourage nasty bacteria to grow. Our experienced technicians will decide what approach they will go for depending on your specific appliance. They will safely remove burnt-on items from an electric or induction hob, such as burnt milk or even melted plastic, and leave everything nice and clean for your next cook.

In both cases, our Cook Top and Stove Top Cleaning Service has the advantage that you can use your equipment straight after we clean it for you, without the need to wait any fumes or chemicals to dissipate.

I’m ready to book a Cook Top and Stove Top Cleaning Service

Great choice, we guarantee you’ll save lots of time and effort by letting us do the job you hate. We offer flexible appointments to suit you, including evenings and weekends. Our flexibility extends to appointments available over the holidays if required. And don’t forget to book your Oven and Stove Cleaning and your Oven Hood Cleaning as well, to save time and money!

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