Outdoor Kitchen Cleaning Service by OvenKing Global

Professional Outdoor Kitchen Cleaning Service

If you love to dine outside then the natural progression is an outdoor kitchen. This is a big investment, one that does not clean itself. That is where the professional outdoor kitchen service from OvenKing will help you protect your investment.

We will clean your outdoor kitchen, make it sparkle, make it glisten!

Why do you need a professional Outdoor Kitchen Cleaning Service?

We all enjoy the fun of cooking and dining outdoors, but with this also comes the task of cleaning, a job that no-one really wants to do, especially if it takes you away from the fun of the party.

Over time your grill and outdoor kitchen will have a buildup of grease and grime, and even if you think that you can keep it clean with a simple wipe down, there will be places that only a professional outdoor kitchen cleaning service can get to.

Outdoor Kitchen Cleaning Service by OvenKing

Don’t forget that an outdoor kitchen is exposed to the elements 24/7, so normal wear and tear due to use and exposure is going to “age” your outdoor kitchen. Unfortunately because it is an outdoor cooking space, you will get rodents such as mice and rats, therefore a regular outdoor kitchen cleaning service will deter them taking up residence and using the grill and surrounding areas as food sources.

With a regular outdoor kitchen cleaning service you will be reducing the risk of fire, the amount of smoke produced from the grill when cooking and the possibility of pests.

What does your Outdoor Kitchen Cleaning Service involve?

When you book an outdoor kitchen cleaning service with OvenKing Global, one of our trained technicians will assess the area and what needs cleaning. As no two outdoor kitchens are the same, we do not have a set pricelist. We will provide you with a very competitive quote for cleaning all your outdoor kitchen equipment. Once agreed, we will will set a date and time that is mutually convenient to clean your outdoor kitchen. Please note that this is a same-day service.

Outdoor Kitchen Cleaning Service

Our professionally trained technicians will thoroughly clean and disinfect the entire outdoor kitchen. Parts that can be removed from the grill and other prep areas will be removed and cleaned in our unique cleaning solution with our dip tank cleaning method. These parts include, but are not limited to, the grill racks, heat plates, flavorizer bars and drip pans. All remaining parts that cannot be placed into the dip tank (such as the bbq and grill hoods, cook tops, pizza oven, sinks, refrigerators, wine coolers, beer taps hibachi grills and of course counter tops), will then be cleaned and disinfected. Careful attention is taken when cleaning stainless steel appliances, for which we avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive materials to be used.

Once the cleaning is complete, our technician will check that all parts are in working order, clean and ready to be used for your next party!

Our outdoor kitchen cleaning service will let you enjoy your outside living space to the full. With a clean space and a clean outdoor kitchen you can undertake better cooking which results in better food and a great experience for you, your family and your guests.

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