Oven Cleaning and Grill Cleaning in Vista Park, Orlando

We offer professional oven, stove, grill, BBQ and microwave cleaning services in Vista Park, Orlando and nearby areas. All of our local technicians have been trained to the highest possible standards. We use a mix of both eco-friendly and fume free chemicals. Our long experience guarantees that your oven will be professionally cleaned and will end up looking like it has just come out of the show room. You can trust that we offer the best service out there!

Why should I choose OvenKing for my oven cleaning or grill cleaning needs?

OvenKing has 10+ years experience as oven cleaning specialists, which to date equates to over 250,000 ovens cleaned across the South Coast of the UK. Having trained over 100 oven cleaning specialists currently operating in the UK and Europe, we are well on our way to celebrating over a million oven cleans! We have now brought our operations to Vista Park, Orlando and we have the know-how to make your oven or grill nice and clean! We use our own range of cleaning chemicals which are safe, fume-free and pet friendly, all developed, tried and tested in the UK under the strictest safety and environmental standards.

Can’t I clean the oven myself or get my oven or grill cleaned by my household cleaner?

Of course you can. But this will be a wipe down, not a proper deep clean. Our oven, stove and grill cleaning process is very different to what household cleaners offer or household products can achieve and, believe us, it makes a huge difference. It involves removing all of the oven racks, trays, fan plates and bulb covers and anything else that's removable. These parts then get carried to our operator's van which is equipped with a dip tank. The parts get dipped in a bath of specialised solution that removes grease and food residue in a way that wiping with a sponge would never be able to achieve. Then the parts are dryed out and the appliance is reassembled. This process ensures minimal disruption to the household and excellent results. Think of it as detailing, but for ovens. We promise you won't believe your eyes when you see the result!

What other cooking appliance cleaning services do you offer?

Our technicians have been trained to clean all types of Ovens and Stoves, Cook Tops and Stove Tops, Range Hoods, BBQs and Grills, Microwaves, Outdoor Kitchens and Commercial Ovens, using our specialist equipment and expert chemicals.

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