Professional oven and stove cleaning service by OvenKing Global

Professional Oven and Stove Cleaning Service

Oven and Stove cleaning is no one’s favorite chore and it always gets put to the bottom of your to-do list. It is something that takes a lot of time and you are never guaranteed a great result, unless done professionally.

The oven and stove cleaning service that we offer goes beyond the normal spray and wipe down that many household cleaning companies offer. Our friendly, courteous and professional oven cleaning technicians have been extensively trained on different types of domestic ovens and, no matter how dirty your oven is, they will have it looking clean and shiny again. We have yet to come across an oven that we couldn’t clean!

A clean stove is like a treasure cove!

Can’t I clean the oven myself or get the oven cleaned by my household cleaner?

Of course you can. But this will be a wipe down, not a proper deep clean. Our process is very different to what household cleaners offer and, beleive us, it makes a huge difference. Think of it as detailing, but for ovens.

What does your Oven and Stove Cleaning Service entail?

Our priority is getting the oven or stove cleaned in the best way possible. The first thing our technician will do upon arrival to your property is to give the stove a check over. Should any issue become apparent you will be made aware prior to any cleaning being done. If any spare parts are required (such as light bulbs, heating elements or fans), our technician can install/replace them for you on the spot, or we can arrange installation at a later date if the parts need to be ordered first.

The next step is for the floor area in front of the oven and neighboring work surfaces to be protected. Then the oven and stove parts that can be removed are removed and taken to our dip tank, situated in the technicians’ vehicle. The parts are then dipped in the hot degreasing bath to remove the stubborn grease and bring the shine back to your oven parts.

Whilst the removable parts are soaking in the dip tank, the OvenKing technician will start working on the remaining built-up food residue, carbon and grease deposits in the interior of the oven or stove. The technician will remove any seals and panels, so they can get access to the deepest depths of the stove, which results in a level of deep cleaning that many non-professional oven cleaners would be able to reach.

The timing of the whole cleaning process is worked perfectly, with the interior stove cleaned and the removable parts being taken off the dip tank all nice and shiny and reassembled in the stove. Then comes a final wipe down and the job is ready for the client to inspect.

As oven cleaning specialists we recommend that you book your oven for a deep clean every 6 months. This will ensure that food cooked in the oven will taste wonderful and extend the life of the oven itself.

I’m ready to book an Oven and Stove Cleaning Service

Great choice, we guarantee you’ll save lots of time and effort by letting us do the job you hate. We offer flexible appointments to suit you, including evenings and weekends. Our flexibility extends to appointments available over the holidays if required. And don’t forget to book your Cook Top and Stove Top Cleaning and your Oven Hood Cleaning as well, to save time and money!

Ready to get your Oven or Stove professionally cleaned? Enquire now!