With expert knowledge and direct experience we deliver Oven Cleaning Training for people who are looking for a Military Separation Job to move onto their next phase in life successfully.

Why is Oven Cleaning a great option as a military separation job?

We understand that the military separation can be daunting for those leaving the armed forces and wondering what to do next. We also know that the hard work, determination and commitment required from the armed forces personnel transfers well into running your own business. And looking for stability with your income is something you’ll also be seeking when coming out of active duty.

Our courses not only offer a new skill set and a step onto a new career path, but also business advice that can provide ex military personnel and their families a secure future within the cleaning industry. The King Academy offers resettlement training packages to all ex-service personnel:

  • Army
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Fire Department
  • Ambulance
  • Police
  • Nursing staff

You get to learn a new skill set and enjoy a great business opportunity at the same time.

One of our trainees, Tim, was in the Navy for 38 years! Here’s what he said:


Having spent a lot of time researching Oven Cleaning Franchises and other training providers it was obvious once I had spoken to Daryl at OvenKing that his training package was without doubt the best by far. I would say to anyone looking to start up in this business do not under any circumstances buy a franchise, all you need is the four day start up extra and you have everything that you need with no limits on area’s and you will most certainly have all the confidence you need to go it alone.

On day one in the morning I spent some time being instructed on various types of oven strip down and assembly and then went out for four full days on the road with Ricky who is the ultimate professional when it comes to oven cleaning. By day two I was fully hands on under the supervision of Ricky who was always there to give advice and guidance when required. The whole course was very informative from the cleaning aspect through to marketing, managing your website and how best to run your business.

Since finishing the course I have cleaned several ovens and I can honestly say I have the confidence to tackle any job and the feed back from all my customers has been amazing.

After 38 years in the Royal Navy this has been a big change of career for me but I love being my own boss and having a better work/life balance.

Many thanks to Daryl, Ricky, Jo and Rob for all their time and effort and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the OvenKing training package to anyone.

Our Oven Cleaning is an affordable investment in your future career after military separation

The King Academy offers you the chance to try before you buy with our Industry Introduction course. This one day course has been designed to give individuals looking to work within the industry the opportunity to explore the business with a minimal financial commitment. After the introductory course, 98% of our trainees opt in for the full courses of 2, 3, 4 or 5 days’ duration.

The King Academy has worked with and trained many ex-armed forces and helped with the transition to civilian life. Here’s what Carl said:

I’m ex Armed Forces and currently in the Police but have been looking for a while to be my own boss. After getting my oven professionally cleaned I realised there was money to be made in this business.

After doing lots of research on the internet I stumbled across the oven kings website and was immediately impressed, I registered my interest and 20 minutes later Daryl contacted me. I was immediately impressed with Daryl who was more than helpful in advising me on my needs with a no hard sell approach.

I enrolled in a 2 day course to see if it would be for me. The first day I arrived at OvenKing, Daryl was there to greet me and get me started straight away in a very relaxed environment, After a couple of hours I was out on the road with Ricky, being taught oven cleaning at customers houses. This was invaluable in my opinion as you learn everything from pulling up at address, meeting customers and the full process until you leave. Ricky was great, very methodical and good at his job. By the end of that day I had cleaned my first oven in a customer’s house with guidance from Ricky. The second day I was out on the road again getting more and more involved.

In my opinion this is simply the gold standard in oven cleaning training. Now I’m in the process of sourcing my own van and booking the full StartUp package. Thanks to Daryl and the team for your patience and hospitality – I will be back.

And here’s what Chris said:


My background is the Forces, I did my time and finished early as I felt it wasn’t really for me. I then worked for an alarm engineering company but not really seen a great future with this so I felt that I haven’t got it right to date.

I tried to research business opportunities and do something for myself that would offer the right income and the correct work/life balance. I have been looking for 6-8 months and I was looking at Franchises initially but didn’t like the restrictions.I then came across The King Academy on a few searches and I liked what they had to offer. I also saw other companies offering the same type of training but I didn’t feel that they had the expertise and qualities that The King Academy were offering.

After speaking with Daryl I decided that the The King Academy route was for me. I came up with a name, after paying my deposit we discussed the domain name, found what was available and it was perfect and commenced work immediately. The artwork they produced for me to proof was great, I really loved it, hitting everything perfectly. They continued with the artwork, proofs and I signed them off as it all looked amazing. I then was looking forward to the van livery, I couldn’t believe how they took my pictures and put the livery on my photos, it looked great. To me I can say it truly took my breath away, I loved it so much, perfect.

I came down on my dates and had the introductory chat with Daryl, got shown ovens and how to remove doors etc, then went out with Ricky on site, was hands on almost immediately.

I went through the website and everything on the IT side with Rob, with a full website operator’s manual provided, which will be really useful in the future.

Finally I had a full presentation with Daryl, had the tank fitted and got loaded up with tools and chemicals.

I was sent on my way as fully fledged oven cleaner, I felt.

I would recommend this service to anyone seriously considering the oven cleaning industry.

Compared to other business start-ups, our resettlement training programmes and Business StartUp packages will provide you with a much quicker RoI (Return of Investment). The time between training completion and your first booking can be as quick as the next day! For some of our trainees, the process has been so successful that they now own 3 or 4 vans and are growing their business exponentially.

Oven cleaning as a military separation career option has many advantages compared to a regular job

  • The importance of work/life balance has never been more prevalent. For those leaving the forces, this is the time when you start enjoying the presence of your family. Oven Cleaning is the type of business that allows you to plan your work schedule and run your own business in your own chosen hours!
  • It is a profitable business. We will show you how to make in excess of £1000 per week. We know how important it is for you to continue enjoying and relying on the financial stability that the forces were offering.
  • You get to meet people, exactly like you were used to do in your previous job. This field is never boring, you will be facing new challenges every day.
  • It allows you to expand into the cleaning industry, by increasing your knowledge with our other available courses.
  • You can create a partnership between you and a former ex-forces colleague, to cover a wider area of operation and start the next chapter in civvy street! The possibilities are limited only by your will to work.
  • You are your own boss. After a service in the forces, we are sure you’ll enjoy that!

Your business support doesn’t end with our Oven Cleaning Training

Our trainers lead by example, are fully certified oven and carpet cleaners themselves, and know what goes into making a successful business. From our experience on running these Oven Cleaning Training Resettlement Courses, it became apparent that it was not only the course that was important but also ongoing advice for both the practical aspects of the business and also general business advice and support.

For that reason, we offer an optional ongoing Membership to The King Academy; it entitles you to a generous 20% discount on our GleamKing branded commercial cleaning products, ongoing industry, marketing and business advice and discounts on further training.

Gregory from Northern Ireland was one of our ex-military trainees who really enjoyed his training and joined our Membership program. Here’s what he said:


WOW! These guys really blew me away!

A bit about me, I am ex military and security and after 35 years I had enough. Decided time to move on and run my own business so I started my search on the internet and magazines etc, trying to decide what I want to do as a future.

I came across oven cleaning by chance and I though “oh this might suit me” so I started my research.

I started looking at the obvious route of franchising and what was available. After a while I came across the concept of training only and buying all the equipment to do it myself. That, I felt, suited me better.

As I continued to search, the two main players I seemed to find was a company in the East who couldn’t give me what I needed (or anywhere near). They didn’t make me feel reassured with the conversation I had with them on the phone. As soon as I contacted OvenKing and had a conversation with Daryl, I knew this opportunity was for me and secured my decision to go forward.

The great thing with OvenKing and The King Academy was that they could do it all; they have their own tank range, will do your corporate style, flyers and leaflets and they gave me a marketing presentation that I felt was second to none, especially as I haven’t worked for myself before. I was so pleased with the support and instruction, that I signed up as a Member on the spot. I jumped in with both feet as I felt 100% secure. So much so that I bought a brand new Berlingo van, you will see in the pictures. I bought all the stock and equipment from OvenKing plus a bit more and now I am ready to go.

I would just like to say a massive thanks to the team.

Ricky, for showing me the ropes on site. Rob for the website and set up. And of course, a massive, massive thank you to Daryl who is a master in his own right.

I would thoroughly recommend them if you are thinking of going out into this industry (but I don’t want you in northern Ireland *winkly*)

It was perfect!

Our Oven Cleaning Training Courses are not just for ex-armed forces personnel

We’ve had quite a few trainees who had a long career at the hospital and nursing sector. This is a job that takes a toll on you, as you have to deal with long hours, night shifts, dificult conditions and is often psychologically exhausting. If you are in that position and you’re thinking of a change of career, here’s what Jenny from Sheerness told us:


I come from a nursing background and had struggled with the long shifts and my other home commitments, so I began researching the possibility of self employment for about a year.

I looked at many options including franchises but decided this option wasn’t for me. I also looked at other training packages on offer with other companies.

On comparison I realised that the 4 day start-up extra package that The King Academy / OvenKing offers was exactly what I needed.

My 4 days training out on the road with Jason and Ricky was great. I was shown the whole process from start to finish and it was clear that they both were very conscientious and knowledgeable. Ricky soon had me cleaning ovens and offered encouragement and support throughout the training.

I was impressed with my website and corporate image design and felt that my ideas were incorporated perfectly and the outcome is ideal for me. Many thanks to Rob and Danny for that.

On the final day Daryl presented me with my certificate and my start up pack of equipment and chemicals.

I was almost sad to leave as I was made to feel like one of the team, but at the same time happy to get home and start on this new exciting venture.

Thanks Oven King!

Are you approaching military separation? Are you looking for a new career path that enables you to work your own hours, suiting you and your family? Enquire now!