Oven Cleaning Business Opportunity by OvenKing Global

Oven Cleaning Business Opportunity

Our oven cleaning business opportunity is a packaged investment that enables you to start your own oven cleaning business. We offer a business opportunity that gives you the flexibility to create that essential work life balance. Investing in an oven cleaning business opportunity will be a life-changing choice. Take yourself out from behind a desk and into your local community.

We know lots about a good business opportunity

OvenKing have been in the industry since 2013 and the business is growing year on year. Starting with one van and one technician we have now grown into a multi vehicle, multi technician business, covering a wide range of the UK and now expanding to the US. With the cleaning service industry rapidly expanding globally, now is the time to invest.

We have proved that with only 3 bookings daily on a five day working week you can earn a weekly income of over $1850 – $2200+.  With each booking taking approximately 1.5 – 2 hours, your working day can be finished in time for you to get to the golf course!

Oven Cleaning Business Opportunity

Why oven cleaning is a great business opportunity

With our oven cleaning business opportunity you will be able to build value to your business. Here are the main advantages:

  • Establishing good working relationships with your clients and providing an excellent service will have clients booking with you time and time again. This is one of the main elements of any successful business: repeat customers.
  • There is very little administration work to do. You can easily prepare everything in a couple of hours at most, leaving the rest of your day free to spend with your beloved ones or doing what you like.
  • Oven cleaning is a gender or ability inclusive business. It provides an income for men, women, the young and the old. Cleaning an oven with our methods is not as physically demanding as the traditional way regular house cleaners do it. Our unique range of chemicals and equipment enables the cleaning job to be carried out safely and effectively, leaving a clean oven that can simply not be achieved with just a wash and a wipe!
  • You do not need a huge initial investment.

As long as you have the passion to make your business succeed this will work for you. It has worked for so many others!

Business Opportunity as an Oven Cleaner

What will my Oven Cleaning Business Opportunity investment give me in return?

When you invest in an oven cleaning business opportunity with OvenKing you will be:

  • Earning $1500+ per week or more
  • Working in your local community, often making friends  out of long term clients
  • Expanding your client base as much (and as far) as you want
  • Getting repeat work from your happy clients
  • Running and managing your business your way
  • Working the hours that suit you and your family

Oven cleaning is an ideal business opportunity, with high demand and low overheads for anyone joining the industry. Dedicating time and effort into growing the business can lead to expected earnings of over $1850 – $2200 per week within the first few months! And it is all set up so that you get everything you need to have your business up and running from the moment you finish your training.

Oven Cleaning Business Opportunity by OvenKing

Oven Cleaning seems to be a great Business Opportunity but how hard is it to begin with?

We will first train you on how to clean an oven professionally. This is not a “spray, rub and scrub” process like the usual household cleaners offer. This is a very specialised job, where you will learn:

  • What chemicals and tools are best for each situation
  • How to use them correctly and safely
  • How to disassemble ovens, stoves, cook tops, range hoods, BBQs and microwaves of various types
  • How to clean these appliances to a very high standard, to make them look like new
  • How to use a dip tank safely and efficiently
  • How to plan and organise your business and client base
  • How to manage your company’s marketing

Our design team will offer you a choice of custom-made logos for your new business, which will be the start of your new brand identity. Then we will get you a catchy domain name that is easy to remember, build you a modern, responsive website, create a corporate email address, design and print your flyers, business cards and van decals. We will also train you on how to access and update your website, and how to set up your email on your phone, tablet or computer.

After your last day of training, you will be leaving with a fresh and exciting company branding and the knowledge to backup that style with excellent oven cleaning capabilities.

So what are you waiting for? Enquire about your Oven Cleaning Business Opportunity now!