Earn $1850 – $2200+ per week with OvenKing’s oven cleaning franchise in the US

Our oven cleaning franchise has several advantages that give the potential for a very successful business:

  • Proven business model in the UK and rapidly expanding in the US, so you’re in time to get in early and establish yourself in your area.
  • Very comprehensive training by oven cleaning veterans who will teach you all the tricks while following health and safety regulations.
  • 100% exclusive franchise territory of your choice.
  • A professionaly built insulated dip tank, which is safe and efficient so you can get more jobs in one day.
  • Expert fitting of your dip tank on your van or trailer of choice.
  • All specialised tools you will need from day 1 are included in the package.
  • Tried and tested chemicals that we have developed specifically with oven cleaning in mind.
  • Enough chemicals to clean your first 80 ovens included.
  • Professional branded van or trailer sign-writing regardless of van or trailer make.
  • Training on how to track your clients and jobs efficiently.
  • Business management mentoring.
  • Ongoing support, help and guidance.
  • Marketing material, including business cards and flyers customised to your area.
  • Customised corporate video to advertise in your local media.
  • All inclusive management fee without extra “per lead” fees.
  • Low overhead costs.
  • Complete package with everything you need to get started.
  • Additional streams of income from variations of the service provided (bbq, exhausts, outdoor kitchens, etc).
  • Great work/life balance as you manage your own diary.
  • No need to rent or buy business premises, thus eliminating all associated costs.
  • No previous experience required, people from all types of different career paths have joined and are running successful businesses now.
  • A proven high success rate for new businesses.
  • A great repeat business model by nature. People who are happy with your service will book you again periodically.
  • Expansion potential and ability to run a multi-van operation to cover a wider area.

Buy an OvenKing oven cleaning franchise in your area today. You will receive everything you need to run this successful local oven cleaning service. Join an established brand that is already trusted by thousands of happy customers with stellar reputation and reviews.

Oven Cleaning Franchise in the US by OvenKing

Why join OvenKing’s oven cleaning franchise in the US?

We are the #1 rated Oven Cleaning specialists in the UK and rapidly expanding in the US. Our mission is to provide a 5-Star Oven Cleaning and Valet service for all types of Ovens and Stoves, BBQs and Grills, Cook Tops and Stove Tops, Oven Hoods, Microwaves, Outdoor Kitchens and Commercial Ovens, using our specialist equipment and expert chemicals. Developed, tried and tested in the UK with the strictest safety and environmental standards, our own range of cleaning chemicals are safe, fume-free and pet friendly, thus allowing us to leave sparkling clean ovens wherever we go. Our formulas have been perfected over the years, creating world leading oven cleaning products. The process we use is above and beyond a standard spray and wipe down. We pride ourselves in producing excellent results, every time.

Our business is booming as we are expanding to the US, so this is a great opportunity for you to take advantage of now and get in early!

Business Opportunity Franchise Oven Cleaning USA by OvenKing


Training lasts for 4-5 days. During your training you’ll learn:

  • What chemicals and tools are best for each situation
  • How to use them correctly and safely
  • How to disassemble ovens of various types
  • How to clean and refurb ovens to a very high standard
  • How to use a dip tank safely and efficiently
  • How to plan and organise your business and clientele
  • How to manage your company’s marketing

Our trainers have over 7 years experience in professional oven cleaning and are there to guide you every step of the way.

Dip Tank, Tools and Chemicals

Our state of the art dip tank is well insulated and efficient. It is the main tool you need to achieve professional results you’ll be proud of and it’s what separates you from the regular domestic cleaner. Our tools are all you need to get the job done from day 1. Our chemicals have been specifically developed for oven cleaning and can be bought by our GleamKing range of commercial cleaning products. All our franchisees receive a 20% discount on our retail prices as seen at GleamKingā€™s website, our retail e-shop, as well as on future training courses from us.

OvenKing Oven Cleaning Franchise in the United States


Why should I invest in an oven cleaning franchise by OvenKing?

OvenKing has 10+ years experience as oven cleaning specialists, which to date equates to over 250,000 ovens cleaned across the South Coast of the UK. Having trained over 65 oven cleaning specialists currently operating in the UK and Europe, we are well on our way to celebrating over a million oven cleans! We have the know-how to deal with all kinds of ovens and we are specialists in the industry. If you want an experienced and trustworthy franchisor that will be next to you every step of the way, look no further.

So your oven cleaning franchise is no different to any other household cleaning franchise. Why should I choose you?

That couldn’t be further from the truth. The process we follow for oven cleaning is nothing like a domestic cleaner’s. To see what this entails in detail, please click here. You will quickly realise that we are specialised professionals and have nothing to do with your house cleaner.

How will I get the business in [area of interest] after paying the investment for an oven cleaning franchise?

We will assist you with your marketing campaign and provide you with all the business mentoring you need to get started.

How quickly can I start working in my area?

Within a week after you return home after your training.

How will my personal advertising be done? e.g. local papers, Social media etc.

We will teach you that during your training.

Want to find out more about our oven cleaning franchise in the US? Enquire now!