For many of our first-time trainees, but also for people who are looking to join the lucrative oven cleaning industry, the process may seem a bit daunting. We have therefore gathered a list of frequently asked questions that many of our past trainees have asked, so you can get a more accurate picture of what we offer and how you can begin your first steps into becoming a business owner and a professional oven cleaner.

Please note that the above videos mention the UK market but the process we follow in the US is very similar

How much does an oven cleaning business cost to build from scratch?

This is probably the first question we get asked. Despite perceptions and, considering the speed with which you will start seeing a return of your investment, it isn’t as expensive as one would think. If you are not going down the franchise path (which is significantly more expensive compared to your own business), then you need to consider only two costs: a van and your training. In regards to the van, you can choose practically any van available in the market, new or used, depending on your budget and on whether you want to run a separate business with it or not. The reason for mentioning that is because many of our trainees run a cleaning business and add oven cleaning to their existing range of services. As for the cost of training, check our Courses Pricelist for more.

I found a good deal on a van, but I am not sure the dip tank will fit.

All our dip tanks and their work base fit in any of the vans commercially available. We will take care of the fitting and the only thing we need from you is a few photos of your van and its exact model. You can rest assured we’ll make any van work.

Which dip tank should I choose? LPG (Gas) or Electric?

We offer three types of Dip Tanks: LPG (Gas), 3kW Electric and 6kW Electric. The main difference is the means to power the tank, which is either LPG or electric. Many people have a fear of LPG tanks as they don’t want to carry LPG bottles in their vans, but this is a process we have been doing for many many years with exactly zero issues. The advantage of an LPG Dip Tank is flexibility. Think of how difficult it will be for you to access a power source if your next cleaning job is at the 7th floor of a block of flats. You will need at least one power point if you are using the 3kW electric tank, or two different ones if you have the 6kW version. With an LPG Dip Tank, this is not a problem as your power source is right there in your van. If you still consider the Electric Dip Tank a better solution, we offer two versions, the 3kW and the 6kW. The difference is in the time it takes to heat up your chemicals solution. See further down for more details.

Is it safe to have an LGP-powered dip tank in my van?

For those claiming that it’s unsafe, keep in mind that people with caravans have been doing this for Yes, it is perfectly safe, provided that you follow the instructions you will receive during your training and that the installation of your gas dip tank is done properly. Our installation method has been validated by the British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) and is done according to HSE Guidelines. This is the reason why you may perhaps notice the price of our LPG dip tank packages is slightly more expensive than any competitors. We fit out the dip tank and provide the required tools and equipment to ensure your gas-powered dip tank is safe to operate, hence the slight price difference. We strongly recommend that for your own safety and for the safety of those around you, you check whether any competitors carry the necessary credentials to prove the integrity and safety of their installation.

I want to get an LPG Tank. How easy is it to source LPG bottles.

Really easy. You can get them from petrol stations or from specialised sellers in your area. Shop around to find the best deal as their prices fluctuate quite a bit.

What is the difference between the 3kW and the 6kW Electric Dip Tank?

The main difference between the two tanks is the number of heating elements in the trough area. The 3kW tank has one element and the 6kW tank has two. The 6kW tank has two distinct advantages:
  1. Having two separately powered heating elements means that, in case of an element’s malfunction, you will still have a heating element to work with. This may make the difference between completing a visit or having to cancel it, so we always recommend it as the best option.
  2. The heating time is much shorter, which in turn allows for faster turnarounds, meaning more visits per day.
Heating Times Winter Summer
3kW Dip Tank 2.5 hours 2 hours
6kW Dip Tank 2 hours 1.5 hours
Other than the above, the tanks are built in the exact same way, with the exact same materials, safety practices and care.


Are Dip Tanks safe to use?

They are perfectly safe to use if you follow the guidance you will receive during your training. This guidance is in fact one of the main reasons why we always recommend that you go for a StartUp or StartUp Extra training package. During your training you will be taught how to use it safely, what chemicals to use for each oven and – most importantly – what chemicals to avoid. Furthermore, you will learn how to prepare your Dip Tank for your bookings and you will receive a comprehensive User Manual and Safety Guide that explains everything in detail, both operation-wise and on the build aspect. This will be yours to keep after your training is over and it’s a good practice to leave it in your van for future reference.

I see that the Dip Tanks need to have a base installed in the van. Why do I need this?

The work base has a thermal covering that protects the surrounding area as temperatures rise when the element(s) heat up. At the top, there is a secondary shelf area that is very convenient for storing, transferring and using dip tank solutions and other chemicals you need during your visits. The work base paint is resin-based and waterproof, so cleaning spills is easy. The whole construction is made of 3/4 inch thick ply and corners are secured with metal L brackets. We have a generic size that fits most common vans and allows for clearance on the sides of the work area which, in wider vans, can be used to store other tools. To answer the question, we consider the base very important and we would never perform a van fitting without one.

What is the main difference between a StartUp and a StartUp Extra training package?

In one word, your corporate image. As a new business, one of the most difficult aspects of getting things going is the public’s brand awareness. The StartUp package will provide you with all the equipment you need to do the job (dip tank, chemicals, tools, van fitting, etc.) but you will have to find a way to promote your new business and make it known in your area. With the StartUp Extra, we take care of all the foundation work for your marketing. We will design your:

  • Corporate Style and logo
  • Website
  • Corporate Email Address
  • 25,000 Flyers
  • 250 Business Cards
  • Van Livery

During the design process, you will be liaising with our design team who will make all the changes you want until you are delighted with the result. Additionally, we will train you on how to use your new digital assets and how to update your website. We’ll set up your new email address and show you how to access your emails in your electronic devices and promote your business locally online. The Start-up Extra package will give you everything you need to start a proper business.

What is the “Advanced Training” and why do I need it?

The Advanced Training is an optional day and is always done on the 5th day of your course. It is dedicated in how to dismantle Slide & Hide oven doors, how to perform heating element replacements, how to strip doors and replace mastic glass and a few other pieces of knowledge that are rarely given with normal training with franchises or other training packages. It derives from our very long experience in the field and contains those things that you get to know only when you have been cleaning ovens long enough. It is guaranteed that there will be no oven you can’t tackle after completing this part, no matter how complex or unique. We have already had past trainees who joined us for just one day to add this to their knowledge and their feedback was excellent, mainly because it covered knowledge that they may only need once in a while, but it is what differentiates them from their local competition. The confidence you will build after this part of your training is second to none.

What is The King Academy Membership? How does it differ from the management fees of a franchise?

The first and foremost difference is that franchise management fees are part of your contractual obligation. This means you don’t get to choose whether to pay them or not, they are obligatory. Contrary to a franchise, our Membership is opt-in only, and comes at a much, much lower cost than a franchise management fee. To give you an idea of the costs involved, our membership fee’s monthly cost is slightly higher than the weekly cost of popular oven cleaning franchises. Membership provides you with the certainty that there is always someone you can call to ask for help and gives you support for your exact needs, taking into account any local particularities, your experience and your business. It also entitles you to a generous 20% discount on our tested chemicals from our GleamKing Professional Cleaning Products website, discount on future training and ongoing industry and marketing advice. Just by making use of the 20% discount on chemicals and tools, the Membership pays for itself. Check our Courses Pricelist for the exact cost.

Do I need to purchase my cleaning chemicals exclusively from you?

Absolutely not. Contrary to a franchise, training with us means you are completely free to purchase your cleaning materials from anywhere you like. The chemicals we use are tried and tested in a very long period of time and we wouldn’t operate without them. The reason we recommend them is because we know exactly how well they work and how easy they make the life of a professional oven cleaner, even in commercial cleaning applications. If you take into account their competitive prices and the 20% discount you are entitled to with our Membership, it’s a no brainer.

I am located in [my area]. Do you provide local training?

All our training is done at our Headquarters in sunny Bournemouth, in Dorset. We have a new office and state of the art training room with a wide variety of different ovens. This is where our workshop is located, where we build your van’s working base, prepare the dip tank of your choice and fit it. Also, this is where we train you in marketing research and brand promotion and where you sit with our IT Manager to go through all aspects of your digital assets (website, email, digital marketing).

Do your courses have set dates?

The courses don’t have a set date, as we feel this flexibility makes it much more convenient for our trainees. All courses start on a Monday and the specific start date is usually set 4 weeks after the deposit for your training has been paid. We will work with you to find a convenient date that will suit both our schedule.

I need training urgently. Can I start next Monday?

Unfortunately not. Training is only part of the package you are getting. There are other aspects of your package that take some time to prepare. For instance, designing your corporate logo, acquiriing your domain name, setting up your website and corporate email, designing your flyers and business cards, all take time. We need this time to make sure everything is prepared to perfection for when you come to start your course. This is the reason why we set your start date about 4 weeks after your deposit is paid.

What are the payment requirements?

We ask for a 50% deposit of the total amount (cost + tax) of your chosen training package. This is what secures your training. After the deposit payment has been confirmed, we liaise with you to set a starting date. The balance is payable a week prior to your arrival for the first day of your course, at the latest.

What happens to my deposit if I change my mind?

For our Training Only and Start-up courses, there is a 50% refund of your deposit. For the Start-up Extra courses, as we immediately start working to prepare your marketing material and source all your included package items, the deposit is non-refundable.

Why should I choose you?

We will leave this to be answered by our past trainees. Have a look at our oven cleaning training reviews and see for yourself!

I have a different question that is not answered here

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