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Professional Oven Hood Cleaning Service

Depending on how often you cook, your range hood will eventually accumulate grease overtime. This is a normal function deriving from the food and grease particles being drawn by the suction of the fan towards your ducting. The more you cook, the more greasy your filters and range hood become.

One of the first issues that comes with grease accumulation is that your range hood loses its efficiency, which in turn causes even more grease accumulation. Another issue, perhaps even more important one, is that grease is flammable, and therefore dangerous for combustion. In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), cooking is responsible for 49% of domestic fires and 21& of deaths every year (you can read more about the research here). It is therefore imperative that your hood gets a really good clean at least twice a year, and that’s what you get with our Oven Hood Cleaning Service.

A clean hood, performing as it should!

Can’t I clean the hood myself or get it cleaned by my household cleaner?

Of course you can. But this will be a wipe down, not a proper deep clean. Our process is very different to what household cleaners offer and, beleive us, it makes a huge difference. Think of it as detailing, but for range hoods.

What does your Oven Hood Cleaning Service include?

Our technicians are experty trained and know what kind of chemicals to use to clean your oven hood. This is usually a job we recommend you do along with your oven and stove cleaning service on the same day. The technician will dismantle the hood, carry its parts to the dip tank to degrease them, change your filters, apply a special paste to make it shiny and reassemble the hood. Many oven hoods are made from stainless steel and our technicians take extra care and work with the polished line of the steel. If any specialized filters need to be ordered prior to the oven hood cleaning, this can be discussed when you make your booking. The end result will be a lovely and clean oven hood that will look spectacular!

Any additional benefits of your Oven Hood Cleaning Service?

Certainly: You get a clean, fully efficient hood, you remove the fire risk, you get great air quality in your kitchen and you minimise the sticky areas that host pests and bacteria. With regular cleaning of your oven hood by OvenKing, you will be making the smart money choice!

I’m ready to book a Oven Hood Cleaning Service

Great choice, we guarantee you’ll save lots of time and effort by letting us do the job you hate. We offer flexible appointments to suit you, including evenings and weekends. Our flexibility extends to appointments available over the holidays if required. Don’t forget to book your Oven and Stove Cleaning Service and your Cook Top and Stove Top Cleaning Service as well, to save time and money!

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