Oven Cleaning Business – Who is it for?

Here at The King Academy we have had trainees from all walks of life and varied work backgrounds. From ex armed forces putting their resettlement packages to best use, to existing cleaning companies expanding on what their company services, to bankers who wanted to leave the high stress job for something more relaxed. A wide range of people who wanted a career change, a better work/life experience and a profitable business have really made a difference in their lives by choosing to train as oven cleaners with us.

Jeremy came from banking. Here’s what he said:

Oven Cleaning Business. Who is it for?


Having been in commercial banking most of my working life and with redundancy looming I started to research Oven Cleaning as a new venture. I was looking for something that gave me flexibility that gave me a better work/life balance.

I discovered Oven King and was attracted by the 4 day start up extra package that provided everything I would need to start. The four days I spent with Daryl, Ricky, Jason and Rob were invaluable, the first day I was, under supervision, going to customers homes and being hands on cleaning their ovens.

My corporate image, van livery and website were all more than I could of ever hoped for.

I am now back in Kent raring to go and enjoying being my own boss.

Thanks guys.

The most common factor each and every one of them had was that they were prepared to do the training and put in the work to make their dream come true. So, if you:

  • have a sunny disposition
  • are confident in meeting new people on a daily basis
  • are certain that you received a trustworthy training from industry experts, and
  • are willing to offer a great service

you will create a rapport and trust with your clients which will lead to repeat business and recommendations, therefore to your company’s success.

Starting an oven cleaning business – How successful can I be?

Just like any other business, if you are prepared to put the effort in to make it successful, then it will be. A profitable business is the ultimate goal, and for that you need a good arsenal of preparation, knowledge and marketing. All our trainees get all these elements covered to begin a successful business journey.

Caroline initially had the same concerns. She came for her training in October 2019. A couple of months later we got in touch with her. Here’s what she said:

Starting an oven cleaning business. How successful can I be?

Business has been very good for me and I was flat out in the weeks leading up to Christmas.I’m now filling my diary for Jan so all really good. Getting excellent feedback from my customers, just wished I’d started up my business sooner! Definitely bringing me in a very good living.

Best wishes Caroline

Running your own business is not necessarily for everyone. There is certainly an element of self motivation and dedication required, especially at the beginning so you can get things going. But once people get to know you and are happy with the service you provide, they will come back and they will recommend you to their friends and family. This is due to the nature of oven cleaning: it is a repeat business and when people are happy, they tell their circle. Oven cleaning is not something that a weekly household clean can achieve to a proper level and is normally one of the jobs that are forgotten. As the oven is used daily, you will find that you will have customers coming back to you for another clean, sometimes even twice a year or more.

I’ve never had my own business before. How easy is it to run an oven cleaning business?

Running your own oven cleaning business can easily be achieved, even if you have never run your own business before. Our StartUp courses are a cost friendly option to start. We will work with you to create a company branding that makes you stand out professionally in your local area, we will advise on a solid and workable business plan taking into consideration local factors and you will go out there ready to achieve your goals.

Luke had similar concerns. Here’s what he said:

I never had my own business before. How easy is it to run an oven cleaning business?

I was looking at several ways to get into oven cleaning, and after some thorough research I thankfully found OvenKing. Franchising just wasn’t for me with the restrictions it comes with, which is where OvenKing ticked all the boxes! A good honest chat with Daryl gave me the confidence to take the jump and book a place. After completing my 4 day training programme I’m now excited and ready to get my business started becoming my own boss, along with a sign written van full of the tools and chemicals to get me going. Big thanks to Ricky in particular who showed me how it all comes together out on the road. Really looking forward to start the journey!

The main advantage of training with The King Academy instead of buying a franchise is that we teach you how to run your business yourself. A franchise is already run by the franchisee, which leaves you with simply doing the work and not even receiving the full remuneration for it. Owning your business means you will be the one making the decisions, and with our guidance and training courses, you will lead the business where you want.

Is an oven cleaning business is a good option after redundancy?

Redundancy, as unpleasant as it can be, often puts you in a position where you start to look at what you really want from a job. A redundancy is often unrelated to job performance or behavior; and may have a big impact on your personal and family life. Many of our trainees took their redundancy as an opportunity to make changes in their work life, like Jackie:

Is an oven cleaning business a good option after redundancy?


Having been made redundant after working for a large corporate company for 33 years, I really wanted to take the opportunity to invest in my future & get some work life balance.

After much thought & research I decided starting my own oven cleaning business would enable me to do this.

I found several companies offering training packages but only Ovenking could offer me not only the hands on training but also a website, marketing material & van livery. Marketing is completely out of my comfort zone but essential for any successful business!

From the very beginning, the team worked with me to design my branding & create my website. Daryl’s enthusiasm is infectious & his knowledge of running a business invaluable. My hands on training was with Ricky. Four great days spent getting to grips with customers dirty ovens, hobs & extractors. There was a lot more to it than I thought & Ricky’s knowledge, patience & sense of humour made it thoroughly enjoyable. So many tips shared & so many things I hadn’t considered.

I cannot recommend this company highly enough. I can’t wait to get started on my new journey & I will let you know how it goes.

A huge thank you to the whole team.

I don’t want to leave my 9-5 job just yet. Can I start an oven cleaning business gradually?

Absolutely! If you have decided to take an early retirement from your current job but wish to do it gradually, an oven cleaning business would be a great option indeed. Oven cleaning gives you the opportunity to pick and choose the hours that work for you. For examply, Ed fitted his oven cleaning jobs around his police work shifts:

Start an oven cleaning business


I wanted to start using the skills straight away and felt that the 4 day start-up package was ideal giving me all the required kit to get started and plenty of opportunity to watch/ take part/ ask questions. I have a full time job working a shift pattern so often get several days off in a row. My plan was to complete the training then start filling my days off up with appointments at my own convenience. This was all made possible because of Oven King and The King Academy. Thank you all.

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