Andrew – St Austell

My 4 day training course with OvenKing / The King Academy.

I have been researching oven cleaning for quite a while now.

I used to be a dog handler in the Royal Navy for many years. Since leaving the Royal Navy I have been from pillar to post trying to sort out my future career, from landscape gardening to driving buses on a shift basis and many more jobs. None of these suited me at all.

However, now that I have come down and had the oven cleaning training and got a real feel of it out on site, and seen the earning potential that OvenKing proved to me can be earned, I am now 100% with making oven cleaning my future career.

I wasnt able to come down for the full package initially but will get the rest booked in in the next few months.

Thanks Daryl and Ricky for the great insight into the industry and helping me to decide my future.