Ben – Aberdeenshire

My Oven King training experience was absolutely brilliant from start to finish and was sad to leave Bournemouth on my last day. From meeting “Big Daryl” at the house on the first day I was treated like one of the boys straight away. It is clear to see how you have had such a portfolio of businesses!

The training centre is ideal for learning as there is no pressure of making a mistake on a customer’s oven. I think 2 is a perfect number for the course and think any more in the workshop would have lessened the quality of delivery to myself and the other trainee. Ricky covered all bases really well and I enjoyed seeing all his extra cleaning gadgets. I never thought before the training that after 4 days I would be confident to go into peoples houses this week by myself and do jobs so that is a credit to the course and “little Daryl’s” guidance. The real beauty of the training is that you don’t just learn how to clean an oven, you see how to deal with the customer, how to handle any complaints and learn the importance of always covering yourself. “Little Daryl” was great at showing me his way of doing things but when it was my turn he also gave me a free rein to do it my way and only stopped me if I was doing something badly wrong. Thought this was really good considering it was only his second time of training someone up.

Overall an unreal week away and said on the last day to”Big Daryl” that I would definitely send someone down for training if I get a second van on the road as I wouldn’t be able to provide the same level of training to someone. OvenKing have given me such a high amount of confidence going into peoples homes this week which I can’t thank you enough for. Can’t really fault anything apart from being grilled on why I never took the extra package but that’s business eh! Oh and Louis saying he recognised me from Magaluf.