Chris – Hampshire

My background is the Forces, I did my time and finished early as I felt it wasn’t really for me. I then worked for an alarm engineering company but not really seen a great future with this so I felt that I haven’t got it right to date.

I tried to research business opportunities and do something for myself that would offer the right income and the correct work/life balance. I have been looking for 6-8 months and I was looking at Franchises initially but didn’t like the restrictions.I then came across The King Academy on a few searches and I liked what they had to offer. I also saw other companies offering the same type of training but I didn’t feel that they had the expertise and qualities that The King Academy were offering.

After speaking with Daryl I decided that the The King Academy route was for me. I came up with a name, after paying my deposit we discussed the domain name, found what was available and it was perfect and commenced work immediately. The artwork they produced for me to proof was great, I really loved it, hitting everything perfectly. They continued with the artwork, proofs and I signed them off as it all looked amazing. I then was looking forward to the van livery, I couldn’t believe how they took my pictures and put the livery on my photos, it looked great. To me I can say it truly took my breath away, I loved it so much, perfect.

I came down on my dates and had the introductory chat with Daryl, got shown ovens and how to remove doors etc, then went out with Ricky on site, was hands on almost immediately.

I went through the website and everything on the IT side with Rob, with a full website operator’s manual provided, which will be really useful in the future.

Finally I had a full presentation with Daryl, had the tank fitted and got loaded up with tools and chemicals.

I was sent on my way as fully fledged oven cleaner, I felt.

I would recommend this service to anyone seriously considering the oven cleaning industry.