Craig S

I am so excited to have finished my training! I have been a retail manager for most of my life, not getting anywhere and hating the lack of control of my personal life. After all these years, I decided I’ve had enough and had to do something about it. Retailing has been good for me in the sense that it allowed me to gain confidence on communicating face to face with clients, so I was looking for something that would suit my personality and skillset as it would be a shame to waste all that experience.

I came across various business opportunities and franchises and the most appealing for me was oven cleaning. I found a company that offered oven cleaning franchise and I was almost sold, except it was too expensive for my budget. Whilst looking for alternatives and ways to save some money, I discovered The King Academy. The great thing about their Courses is that you are not bound to a franchise contract and you could choose from a range of courses, which are really well priced for what you get.

I chose the StartUp Package, got my dip tank installed by Daryl, got my chemicals and tools and trained with a different trainer every day. When I left, I honestly felt 100% confident that I made the right choice. For anyone looking for a change of career and getting your life back, look no further.