Dave – Pevensey

Hi Guys,

Back again! I really cant beleive how well the oven cleaning business has bared for me.

Came only six months ago to OvenKing for my training. They told me I should thrive in my area as the competition in their area is 10 times more.

I was yet to see but I started my business and within months was up to full capacity and have bookings 2-3 weeeks in advance now.

So I now made the deeper calculated plunge and got van number 2, recruited a colleague of mine to run it and brought him down to meet the OvenKing team.

Daryl fitted out the new van with tank and work area and went through the starter pack with him, all the tools and chemicals I require for the next 70-80 jobs.

I am sure this gamble is going to work out for me.

I look forward to seeing the team again in six months for van number 3!