Ed – Ed Oven Cleaning

For the past 4 years I’ve been slowly looking into the Oven Cleaning industry, mostly at night with a tablet, whilst early ideas were to look into national brands, a joining fee of over £10,000 plus purchasing my own van and having a moral debt to the company not to mention sharing my earnings back with them kept the idea as just that.

I stumbled across Oven King one evening and straight away saw the costs drastically cut, no contracts or ongoing fees and what looked like a short sharp exposure to the industry got my aspirations dusted off and becoming a reality. Over the following months I kept flicking back to the updated testimony’s which helped feed my enthusiasm, I swapped my car for a Citroen Berlingo and put a call into Oven King.

I wanted to start using the skills straight away and felt that the 4 day start-up package was ideal giving me all the required kit to get started and plenty of opportunity to watch/ take part/ ask questions. I have a full time job working a shift pattern so often get several days off in a row. My plan was to complete the training then start filling my days off up with appointments at my own convenience.

I started my four days at the beginning of Feb 2019, I met Daryl and the team at his office. Straight away I was made to feel welcome listening to the industry dynamics and being impressed with the team’s attitude. Daryl showed me around the workshop and explained the framework for oven cleaning, after this I met Rick who I’d spend the afternoon with at customers addresses watching cleans before I took more and more responsibility for the cleans over the next 3 days.

There were perhaps more complexities than I’d given credit for, such as the different treatment for different metals, the uniqueness of oven doors that do or do not remove and the varying range of kitchen sizes/ oven models. That being said I was in good hands. Rick and Daryl could answer all my questions and both are passionate about the industry. Where we weren’t able to fit a range clean in, Rick was more than happy to talk me through the clean, knowledgeable and never far away for advice.

Over the week I was exposed to 10 ovens, at least 8 of which I had an active part in cleaning, getting more and more involved each day. The process follows a fairly simplistic method but with that comes the responsibility of being in someone’s home at times with expensive appliances. That mixed with the knowledge of unexpected complexities (above) show that your training deserves the “professional” element (Pun 😊).

Since I’ve returned home, I’ve had 4 jobs booked in almost immediately. The first 3 were large range ovens, extractor and hobs (straight in at the deep end). My training and Rick’s advice saw me complete all cleans without any issues, satisfied customers who often ask if it is a new oven and payment made with gratitude.

So that’s me for now, fortunate enough to turn the heat up (Pun 😊) at my own pace with the knowledge that I can now clean ovens to a great standard, have all the kit and the van. With one eye on carpet cleaning training in the future I sit on my tablet writing this testimony having almost completed the cycle, with gratitude to Oven King and satisfaction in my new skill.

Thanks all.