Gregory – County Armagh, Northern Ireland

WOW! These guys really blew me away!

A bit about me, I am ex military and security and after 35 years I had enough. Decided time to move on and run my own business so I started my search on the internet and magazines etc, trying to decide what I want to do as a future.

I came across oven cleaning by chance and I though “oh this might suit me” so I started my research.

I started looking at the obvious route of franchising and what was available. After a while I came across the concept of training only and buying all the equipment to do it myself. That, I felt, suited me better.

As I continued to search, the two main players I seemed to find was a company in the East who couldn’t give me what I needed (or anywhere near). They didn’t make me feel reassured with the conversation I had with them on the phone. As soon as I contacted OvenKing and had a conversation with Daryl, I knew this opportunity was for me and secured my decision to go forward.

The great thing with OvenKing and The King Academy was that they could do it all; they have their own tank range, will do your corporate style, flyers and leaflets and they gave me a marketing presentation that I felt was second to none, especially as I haven’t worked for myself before. I was so pleased with the support and instruction, that I signed up as a Member on the spot. I jumped in with both feet as I felt 100% secure. So much so that I bought a brand new Berlingo van, you will see in the pictures. I bought all the stock and equipment from OvenKing plus a bit more and now I am ready to go.

I would just like to say a massive thanks to the team.

Ricky, for showing me the ropes on site. Rob for the website and set up. And of course, a massive, massive thank you to Daryl who is a master in his own right.

I would thoroughly recommend them if you are thinking of going out into this industry (but I don’t want you in northern Ireland *winkly*)

It was perfect!