Jake – Alpha Cleaning

Day 1 got down to OvenKing’s offices and had a good chat with Daryl and a great induction into the industry and the do’s and dont’s. Then I went to the workshop and we went through the ovens and stripped a few down and stripped a few doors as well. Then out on the road with Paul on two customer-facing jobs.

Day 2 was good again, my van had been completely kitted out and the cleaning chemicals had all been put in. I cleaned three different types of ovens and learned even more.

Day 3 with Joa on a nice local job and then with Daryl for the rest of the day where he did a job with a 2 door range full clean and strip down and range hood unit completely striped and cleaned to perfection. Really enjoyed the day!

Can’t wait to get back and put all the new knowledge and equipment to use and help grow My cleaning company Alpha cleaning even more. Thanks to all the team at OvenKing and a special thank you to Daryl for all his guidance.