Jon – Sevenoaks

I had been researching the world of Oven Cleaning for some months prior to attending Oven King for the 4 day Startup Extra Training Package.  I was very close to signing with a franchise oven cleaning company, however upon reading the contract got nervous that whilst it would be my company and would be working to my pace, I would be constantly be measured and indeed had a massive rule book to contend with of dos and don’ts within the franchise agreement.  With this in mind I started to think if I could become a professional oven cleaner independently; after a little bit of google research I came across the Oven King team and the fairly unique training that they could provide.  I made some enquiries with regard to cost and what we got and was satisfied that I was going to get 80-90% of what the Franchisers were offering for over half the cost; and therefore we booked up!!

During the time before attending Rob was instrumental in getting the artwork completed for the business cards, flyers and van livery.  Rob was very attentive and patient to my suggestions.  As it got closer to my attendance, attentions turned to the website where Rob took charge and got the site looking great and again was open to feedback on ways to make the site look and feel even better.

So the time came to attend the course!  I was met by Daryl at the doorstep of the Oven king home office and very quickly absorbed by Daryl’s energy and good sense.  Ricky took me under his wing to start to train me on how oven doors come off and by late morning of the first day we were on the way to a customer to start to clean there oven!!!  Ricky certainly knows his stuff with regard to how to clean an oven and how to best take it apart to get the best clean and has a very good nature when dealing with complete novices, remember to keep Ricky on your good side as he scores you at the end of the course!!  Whilst attending the customers addresses I gradually took charge of the oven dismantle and clean whilst Ricky was there to ask questions of as ness.

When within the home office I was conscious that I was in the presence of the hub of the business and therefore hearing the phone ring with customers speaking with the lovely Jo and booking customers in for there ovens to be cleaned.  A great experience as it allowed me to hear what sort of questions I would be asked in the real world.

All in all, I could not recommend Oven King highly enough; there is no corporate flipcharts to worry about, you learn in the van and on the job.  Upon leaving for the journey home I felt that I had all I needed to start to get the business off the ground and whilst there may be a few things I could do with buying to suit me, I was delighted with my experience and was ready to go!!!