Julie – Aylesbury

I was laid off by my previous employer in the New Year and was looking for a new business career to get into, this time as my own boss. After looking through various franchise opportunities, I decided alongside my husband that I would try the Oven Cleaning industry.

During my conversation with Daryl, and because I wasn’t feeling confident on my abilities, he advised me to take a 1-Day trial course to see how I got on. I took his advice, went to Bournemouth, met Daryl and the team, went out on the road with Ricky and came back to discuss with Daryl again. Not only was I not put off, but I actually realised that it’s not too hard of a work and I would get out what I put in.

Subsequently, 2 months later I went to Bournemouth again for a further 2-Day course and now I am really starting to feel confident and the job is definitely starting to get easier.

I believe I will revisit for one more day to complete my 4-Day course when time allows. Thanks Daryl and the team for all your advice.