Julie W – Oven Clean Queen

I was quite nervous on my first day as I wasn’t sure what to expect but the nerves disappeared as soon as I met everyone. What a lovely bunch of guys!!

They are all a credit to the company!! Professional, courteous, amazing with the customers, well organised and excellent at training.
I’m guessing I asked them questions they have heard a million times before, but it was like they heard it for the first time and answered with enthusiasm and passion, explaining until I understood. I did the 5 Day course and would definitely recommend anyone to do this as the first oven I cleaned when I got home was a Slide & Hide which is taught only on the Advanced training on the 5th day. Because of the training, I felt confident to do it, although I did reach out to Ricky for backup and he answered my question straight away, giving me the confidence needed on my first oven cleaning job.
I would also recommend the Membership they offer for the support. I have come across different scenarios not encountered with the on the job training with the lads. With the instant feedback already received from Ricky, I feel confident to tackle any oven or appliance and know if I need help, I’ll get it.
I was more than pleased with the work done by Alex. We worked side by side via email or phone to get my logo, website, van livery, flyers and business cards spot on. Excellent job done!! He also gave me really good advice on the last day regarding web management and advertisement on different social platforms.
Daryl did a fantastic job with the dip tank, work base and van livery. It all looks so professional and I was beaming from ear to ear when I saw the finished job. The presentation and advice given by Daryl on the Friday was very informative and helpful, giving me the boost to walk away from the training with the confidence that my business would succeed.
I couldn’t have started my business without this invaluable training and I would wholeheartedly recommend Ovenking training to anyone wanting to start this type of business.
A massive big thanks to the lads for their expertise and patience.
To Alex for his amazing knowledge and expertise on all things IT.
To Daryl for his business acumen and for giving me the confidence to move forward with determination and an insight on what I can achieve.
P.S. Thanks Ricky for the inspirational message in my note pad. Will be getting that framed 😁