Laurence D.

I was starting my own business in the world of oven cleaning, BUT, I hadn’t any clue where to begin. Cue Google, and after a bit of research I was on my way to OvenKing in Bournemouth and the rest they say is history.

I spent a great week with Daryl, Ricky and the rest of the OvenKing team doing the 5 Days Premium Course. I opted for the LPG Dip Tank for my van.

First day of training was spent in the cooker room learning all about the different types of ovens and how to take the doors off and separate the glass.

The next 3 days I was out on the road with Ricky doing jobs. I was watching and learning. Ricky was very clear and thorough in his instructions and teaching. He took me through each job step by step. I had a million questions and Ricky answered everyone of them. His experience is this sector was very evident and I’m using his meticulous methods today with my company.

On the last day Ricky let the leash off me and I completed a couple of oven cleans on my own but only with Ricky’s critical eye and encouraging words. He was only satisfied to complete the job when the oven was cleaned to his and OvenKings standards.

I would highly recommend the OvenKing course to anyone looking to get into the buisness. It was well organised, very informative and gave me the confidence and tools needed to set up my own oven cleaning company.

My business is doing great and I am fully booked for the rest of the year.

Thanks again, Daryl & the OvenKing Team.

Ps. Your Haggis will be with you for Rabbie Burns day in January 2023.