Liam – Dublin

1st of all, 2 handsome devils in the foto!!!!

I travelled all the way over from Dublin to complete the 4 day course with all the trimmings,met Daryl the leader and the rest of the amazing team behind this successful company.

Ricky gave me so many wise tricks and knowledge to success and help me progress wth my own company, everyone was amazing and helped me understand the ins and outs.

I would defo recommend this company if you are thinking of getting into this line of work.

I’ll keep you posted and thanx for your time and patience.

3 month follow up

I would just like to say big thanks to ok and the team and the backup and support they have given me to date.

I can’t believe it, I have only been in the oven cleaning industry in Dublin for 5 weeks and I already am taking over £1350 per week.

I am also, due to various marketing tactics taught by the team, now booked out to the other side of Christmas on an average of 17 bookings a week. I would like to do more, but I can’t fit more jobs in a week.

If anyone is thinking about joining this lucrative business, I would suggest you get stuck in and build customer base before it’s too late.

I love everything about the industry, from meeting new people every day and of course, getting paid when you finish.

I definitely made the right decision by calling OvenKing and taking the time off to be trained by them and taught the whole oven cleaning industry.

I have today put in a massive order with Gleamking, OvenKing’s chemical brand. This order should tie me through to the New Year.

I thought this would be a good time to take the opportunity to wish the OvenKing team a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.