Matt Bassett

Smoothly run, busy, informative, hands on. These are the words I’d use to describe my experience of Oven King training.

From first meeting to going out the door getting valuable hands on training took no time at all. A quick look at some of the fittings in the custom workshop and bam out on the road. Gradually over the course of the 3 days I attended I was encouraged and allowed to build my experience in customers houses under the watchful experienced and skilled oven cleaner (Jason). From single ovens to ranges I got to do it all. Slowed Jason down but he was very patient and was on hand for hints, tips and continued learning as you apply yourself to the world of oven cleaning.

Be warned these people work hard. So you’ll have plenty of time on ovens! Which is great as that builds confidence and technique. You gain customer service skills, communication skills, organisational skills along the way as part of the package (you may not think it at the time).

I’d say the 4 or 5 day course would be superb. I did 3 days and felt like this was a business I’d be able to do. Gave me increased confidence in going into other peoples homes and taking their ovens apart and cleaning to a very high standard. The reward is in the finish!

Thank you to all at Oven King for making my experience so invaluable!! A special thanks to Jason who went above and beyond, picking me up from hotel etc!