Paul – Captain Ovens

Arrived back with a flying start. I left OvenKing on Thursday and I was working by the weekend for friends and family and had my first booking on Monday.

I emphasised with OvenKing from the beginning that this is crucial to me as I have given up my highly paid sales job to start running my own oven cleaning business. I looked around what other companies had to offer and nothing came close to the OvenKing Startup Extra package, which I thought would be ideal if I wanted to start with a quick launch into the industry with the website, flyers, business cards, livery, dip tank, van conversion and tools and chemicals to get going. I find the 4 day course quite extensive and lots to get my head around. What is great is that I know I can pick up the phone for further advice if I get stuck.

Thanks to the team and I will try not to be too much of a pain when I keep calling you!! But I am really happy with the start you have given me to get my oven cleaning business up and running.