Rob – Clean and Scrub

Hey Team, I am now back after my long journey home and I felt every day and every minute of this training course was well worth a while. The cost was very reasonable and worth the money for the level of training and information gained. I came to OvenKing with the thinking that I wanted to tie my window cleaning business in with an oven cleaning business and incorporate both together. Daryl was very obliging and he re branded me as a joint window cleaner and oven cleaner. I was so pleased when I started receiving my first drafts and then website etc. and I knew we were on the right track.

When I was advised all my flyers had arrived at their offices and business cards and website had been finished I was so eager to get down and get my training started and finished so as I could join the oven cleaning market.

Daryl advised me of how to launch my business and the best way to market without running astray with costs. He also gave me great tips to use my existing customer database to get going with. I would just like to thank the whole of the team including Lee, Danny, Paul for taking me out on jobs and Daryl for the hard work of setting me up with my new business.