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Professional Microwave Cleaning Service

Most people usually operate their microwaves in a rush. They want them to do what they do quickly and they rarely give them the attention they deserve. Without a professional Microwave Cleaning Service, the most people do is perhaps a quick wipe down on the inside and outside whilst cleaning the rest of the kitchen and that’s all. But this will never achieve what a professional microwave clean can, and is far from hygienic for an appliance that comes in contact with your food.

Bacteria will reproduce in a warm environment and that is exactly the environment that a microwave provides. Food particles are splattered around the whole microwave and the surfaces are an ideal area to host bacteria which can prove quite harmful. Along with that, you get all sorts of other problems, such as stuck food blocking the microwave door from closing properly, or lower efficiency which eventually shortens the life of the microwave significantly. We have even seen mould grow in a microwave!

The only way to guarantee that your microwave is clean and healthy to use is our professional Microwave Cleaning Service.

We will clean your microwave, think of all the time you’ll save!

Can’t I clean my microwave myself or get it cleaned by my household cleaner?

Of course you can. But this will be a wipe down, not a proper deep clean. Our process is very different to what household cleaners offer and, beleive us, it makes a huge difference. Think of it as detailing, but for microwaves.

What makes your Microwave Cleaning Service so special?

We use specialist chemicals that we have developed, tested and fine-tuned in the UK to leave microwave surfaces clean and shiny. These cleaning chemicals have been developed to be fume free, safe to use and pet friendly. Using a cleaning process that does not damage the surface of your microwave, our experienced technicians will leave your microwave in tip top condition, clean and 100% hygienic for your next meal.

Regular microwave cleaning with OvenKing will keep your microwave at its optimum cleanliness and operation, meaning that the food you cook or re-heat in it will remain tasty to eat!

I’m ready to book a Microwave Cleaning Service

Great choice, we guarantee you’ll save lots of time and effort by letting us do the job you hate. We offer flexible appointments to suit you, including evenings and weekends. Our flexibility extends to appointments available over the holidays if required. And don’t forget to check out our other services and book them together so you can save time and money!

Ready to get your microwave professionally cleaned? Enquire now!